Photo by Calvin Ferniza

Photo by Calvin Ferniza

Kevin "Tk" Gorgonia is a Performance Capture Specialist catering to XR, Video Games, and Film.
He has work experience as a Director, Producer, Performer, and Editor.

Currently Tk is a freelancer working and training under multiple performance capture companies. Tk is a passionate learner on both the performance and technological aspects of the industry. His entertainment experience comes from improv, theater and Dance. Some of his lifetime influences include Video Games, Cartoons, Physical Fitness, Medical practice, and Military. Some of his additional skills involve video editing, sound design, and web design. Tk believes in understanding as many different philosophies, 

interests, and points of view in order to accurately create, and deliver meaningful performances. Like many fans growing up, Tk took interest in a multitude of heroes on the TV screen on Saturday mornings, followed by digital journeys on gaming consoles almost every night. Growing up as a typical Filipino led to stereotypical pursuits in the Medical and Military Field. Having a passion for creating and helping others, he currently aims to do so within the video game and film industry. 

"Health & Happiness Advocate, Superhero Fan, and Forever Gamer who brings as many experiences with him to the table when working and performing. "

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